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Services Offered

  1. Cancer Treatment consultations
  2. Spinal Surgery consultations
  3. Hospital Admissions Consulting..
  4. Dermatological Treatment options
  5.  Pain Management Services
  6. Anesthesia Consulting Services
  7. Geriatric Services /Capacity evaluations,
  8.  Substance Abuse treatment options.
  9. Surgical Sub- specialty consultations
  10. Bariatric surgery, evaluations
  11.  Medical Consulting services,
  12.  Important Life Altering Decision making assistance ( limb amputations, Ventilator treatments )
  13.  Forensic Evaluations
  14.  Psychotherapy
  15. Nursing Home considerations.

Public Speaking

In addition to personal individual services, Emote Medical Services. PC offers, public speaking services as well. Offering a wide array of expert speakers who can be a valuable addition to your program.

Media Services

Contact us to discuss how emote medical services can assist in developing your media content. We have experience in CME, promotional and consumer based medical content. email: Ph# 347-278-3247



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