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Everyone has heard “don’t worry muscle weighs more than fat”, but have you seen what that really looks like or felt it?

I am little, small in frame, but my weight is only low when I am not training with weights for a prolonged period of time.  I stopped weighing myself about a year ago and started training with weights regularly.  Muscle forms a body sculpted.  The sag women see below the Buttocks?  The myth that it doesn’t go away with any amount of training is just that, a myth.  With the proper resistance training and cardiovascular training combined any person can sculpt their bodies.

“But I have to lose over 50 pounds!” Fine, then a good healthy diet, with the proper supplements and a well balanced exercise program, and together we can get any goal attained.  I recommend weight training for everyone.  Not only does it burn calories, looks better, but it strengthens muscles and protects joints.  Have an injury that prevents you from exercise??  MYTH!  Muscle strength around weakened joints strengthen and alleviate pain.  The proper form is the key and can always be learned…..

Working together there are no failures  or loss only a gain in health.

Dr. Amy H Fisch

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