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Congestive Heart Failure  (CHF)

Congestive Heart failure is a condition in which the heats pumping mechanism becomes weak, and is unable to push out the Blood in its chambers adequately enough. This is a condition that has many underlying causes. So its important to realize that the cause of the heart failure can be due to some other underlying pathology. In many ways CHF is as much a  SYMPTOM as  a DIAGNOSIS. CHF can be subcategorized, possibly given the physician a clue regarding the underlying cause of the heart failure. The two catagories are

Systolic Heart Failure – Refers to a weakened heart, meaning the heart doesn’t contract well  enough, to  pump out blood. This can be due primary cardiomyopathy, it can also be due to hypertension, which means the muscles will be working fine its just that they are pushing out against High Resistance of the  arterial vessels.

Diastolic Heart Failure refers to in adequate FILLING PRESSURES – This means that the Heart is really Stiff and wont allow the chambers to fill properly . Or it can mean that there is a blockage of blood flow on the right side. Thus there is inadequate venous return. A traffic jam if you will of blood flow and this traffic jam can be anywhere in the system behind the Left ventricle. So it can be due to lets say a Mitral Stenosis. Or  Pulmonary Heart failure, or Cor Pulmonale, Or Liver disease. So its important as a patient to understand the type of Heart Failure you are diagnosed with.

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