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Every person has nutrition concerns or questions. Some go to media “experts” or diets to attempt success. Every person is different and no one popular item will find the cure for what they need. Some people want to look better, some need to and seek to eliminate medical problems such as High Blood Pressure or Diabetes. Most commonly, people seek Nutritionists to help them LEARN how to FEEL better and do everything they want.

I am happy to bring personalized Nutrition Counseling to Emote Medical, not only to aid Patients reduce their medial problems but also to teach any individual to achieve their goals to lose weight, overcome an eating disorder, learn about super foods and live their best lives.

I am not only an Anesthesiologist, but a Nutritionist and fitness enthusiast. I am ready to meet new clients and provide each person the individual attention they need and deserve.

Dr. Amy H.

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