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Will I wake up in the middle of Surgery?

Waking up During Anesthesia is exceedingly rare and most reputatble reports are in severe trauma cases and Cardiac Bypass.  The most common misunderstanding is a Patient awakening during a sedation case and thinking they were under General Anesthesia…..Big difference.  We can monitor Brain wave activity to ensure depth of Anesthesia is appropriate

How Do You Make Sure I wake up?

Anesthesia is an Art developed by years of training and experience every patient is unique and we dose our medications to each patient as a unique Entitiy and dose all medications as you react to them, not weight based alone, but on how each patient reacts.  Every BODY is different and is treated as such

What Drugs are You Using??  I read that Michael Jackson died from anesthetic medications

Anesthesia involves a unique combination of medications to cause a hypnotic state where lack of recall takes place, pain medicine, anti-anxiety medications and anti-nausea medications.  Any celebrity that has been in the news is a unique situation most often tragedy results from misuse of medications outside the controlled setting of the operating room

Will you make sure I am not in Pain ?

I can never PROMISE no pain, I can promise to teach you how to not only stay ahead of severe pain, but I will use the best medication to suit your needs.

Promise You Will Be In the Room The Entire Time ?

It’s the Law that an Anesthesia Professional be in the room at all times, as long as you’re a patient in the Operating Room the Anesthesiologist has a moral and legal responsibility to take the best care of your life and keep you safe from harm.


These are the common questions that often lead to more, especially as surgery becomes more specialized and so does our management of our patients as Anesthesiologists.Are you undergoing surgery, feel free to contact use for an independent in-depth, preoperative consultation, our board certified anesthesiologist will sit one on one and answer any questions and address any concerns you might have..


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